What do you stand for?

This question shapes your business. It aligns leadership, unites teams, and defines partners and client relations. Is your vision crystal clear or just a blur in the corner of your eye?

I provide insight, foresight and robust execution support, via close personal collaboration.

Vision & Leadership

Vision Crafting
Are you dreaming big and looking far enough? I help you achieve clarity, vision and momentum to formulate, and confidently pursue big goals, often beyond your initial aspirations.
Culture Alignment
Businesses are rarely built alone. But the more stakeholders, the more divergent directions. To solve that, you need more than a vision — you need alignment. When everyone pulls in the same direction, companies thrive.
Future Proofing
Luck may play a role in becoming successful, but staying relevant takes a deliberate, sustained effort. By anticipating and adapting to changes today, we'll keep your business relevant tomorrow.


You already have a brand. And it's not the logo — it's what people think and feel interacting with your venture. But is your brand what you want it to be?
Positioning & Differentiation
You're in a creative business. But are your clients buying the creative? Rarely so.
Aligning what you sell, and what you clients buy takes some serious bridge building. Businesses that have courage to truly differentiate, and do so in a way that's relevant to their clients, are on a path to thrive, and save big on marketing.
Pricing Strategy
Emerging creative firms constantly struggle with properly pricing their services. How can you grow your business, if you're not charging enough? Growing your business takes going for better clients and relationships. Not overservicing your current ones.
Business Model
If there's room for innovation in the creative sector, it's not in the creative. It's in the business model. Let's redesign your approach to ensure profitability, regardless of the project's scope.
Performance Benchmarking
What’s should be the revenue for a firm your size? Measuring against industry benchmarks empowers you to make informed leaps toward financial success.
Value Proposition
Your positioning should rarely change. But your services often do.
What value do you deliver? Clearly formulate and articulate your service offerings to align with what your clients truly need.

Execution support

Brand Development
Brand. For the giants — a priceless asset, measured in billions of dollars. For the mortals — the most underrated tool to grow business.
What is the difference between a brand and a business strategy? To me, a brand strategy is the business strategy. 

When coupled with impactful execution, it has a transformative power. Not just for your future, but for all.
Messaging + Narrative
Standing for something is one thing; expressing it in a clear and resonant way is quite another. 
  • Does your firm have a distinct voice, or sounds like an industry average? 
  • Are you leveraging your strengths, or just echoing industry patterns?
  • Are your case studies clearly framing your expertise, or merely describing what's been delivered?
Launching Ideas
Entrepreneurship is a launch business, whether it's new ideas, markets or services. You know, that doing it successfully means not doing it alone. Let's talk about what you're up to and see what I could bring to the table.
Business Toolkit
Still stuck servicing clients via email and jotting down prospects in your notes app? Here we are in the 21st century, but so many digital companies feel like they're chugging along on steam power.
I have a weird flair for decent business tools, and exceptionally good design. It's not merely about style — It's moving faster, smoother, and going the distance.

I stand for freedom.

I tasted it growing up between the pristine, mountainside meadows, escaping the hustles of a central-european communist reality.

Later, I chose it embracing the entrepreneurial path, starting my first firm, while graduating anthropology of culture and corporate communications, back in early 2000s.

Often, I find it embodied in the spirit of jazz and free improvisation — experiencing the ultimate sense of freedom in an individual, and collectively-negotiated experience.

The Futurecrafting™ Insights

Insights into leading, building, and evolving B2B brands in the tech and creative industry.