Engaging me brings you a partner to challenge yourself, your thinking, and the future.

Engaging with me

Quick Look
Let's take a look at where you are, where you want to go, and what's standing in the way. Let's see if it's a mutual fit to work together.
15 min / on the house.
You have a question about your buisiness, or the industry. Sometimes you just need to have your gut feeling validated. 

Mini audit
Obtain an objective, external expert's assessment of a single aspect of your business, be it a brand positioning, offering, website, or messaging. 
Delivered as a video review followed by a 15-minutes call to address your questions. 
A thorough look at your business challenge. Let's assess how you track across key pillars, such as vision and leadership, positioning, systems, client relationships, marketing and messaging to identify major roadblocks, often invisible from your perspective. The result is clarity of strategic issues to tackle, and a perspective to look at them.
Starting at $5000
Retained advisory
This is the most frequent format allowing us to tackle the challenges identified — whether working on vision and leadership, getting into strategy, or visiting marketing, processes and operations.
This could involve scheduled one-on-one sessions, mini workshops (online), and strategic take-aways.
Starting at $5000/mo.
As we work together, we may identify a defined scope, where you'd like to take advantage of an end-to-end solution with my implementation. This may include fleshing out strategies, crafting a narrative and messaging, building websites or implementing business tools.

My clients typically spend with me anywhere between $50K - $10K


In-person stage appearances are on the table for key opportunities, but I'm capping my flights due to environmental conerns.
Podcasts, masterminds, closed groups hosting or co-hosting, workshops.  
In a tight, cross-discipline circle, in an interactive, monthly format we tackle subjects on the crossover of your challenges and my expertise.
Ask for invitation.

Clients & Friends. With some, we brushed shoulders, exchanged ideas, or hugs. With others — built worlds. 

The space & deep tech sector

The Futurecrafting™ Insights

Insights into leading, building, and evolving B2B brands in the tech and creative industry.