Xicorr Watches

Xicorr FSO + Garda Watch

Product commercial test shoot with DitoGear Modulo Rover

When it comes to shooting watches, the time plays the crucial role. In a product commercial shoot for Xicorr FSO & Garda Watches I wanted to capture the essence of watch showing the passage of time, therefore each of these shots was captured across the period of about 8h.

I used quite experimental setup including DitoGear Modulo Rover running freely on a flat surface and a set of 2 Bowens 1000W strobes with softboxes.

My first question was about using strobes for shooting timelapse – Bowens proves themselves quite trouble-free for this kind of shooting and there’s virtually no flicker coming from fluctuating discharge brightness. Even if there was – it could be easily dealt with in post, so that was not a major concern.

The second challenge was getting a rotational movement. DitoGear Modulo Rover is a motion-controlled tabletop dolly/rover that can run freely on a flat surface and allows for adjusting the radius of the turn mechanically – that way I was able to drive around the object. A turntable could also be used, however the difference would be in a relative position of lighting to the object which in this case remain unchanged.

The footage was captured as individual, high resolution 5K+ RAW still images which gives a lot of color and spatial resolution and a good base for color grading.

For each of shots I did a quick live action pass with video recording to test the framing and motion control and then I started the main pass. Except from the reflections from the passing rover which could be elliminated easily next time, the shots are quite pleasing. Would be worth it to do it again on a black background.