Warrior Nun


The Making of Warrior Nun Sizzle Reel

We were commissioned by our fellows at Film Polska Productions to shoot a high-end making of during the production of Warrior Nun Sizzle Reel by AJ Annila.

Our approach was to render the pacing and mood of the movie itself and interweave the film storyline with the making of meta perspective.

The shoot took place in an old abandoned church in Pisarzowice, Poland featuring set designs by Lukasz Trzcinski.


The making of credits

Kizny Visuals (formerly LookyCreative)

Patryk Kizny & Mat Zdziebko

Mat Zdziebko

Patryk Kizny

The Sizzle Reel Credits

AJ Anila

Henri Hena Blomberg

Perfect Circle: Dean English
TenOne Films: Robert Burke
Film Polska: Krzysztof Sołek


The Sizzle Reel Credits Ctd

Actors: Krista Kosonen, Peter Lucas
Production Coordinators: Magda Ludwig, Marek Nawracaj
Equipment & Lab: Alvernia Studios
Stunts: Tim Man & Stunt Team Poland
Custumes: Anna Kurpas
Hair Design: Rafał Łazar
Set Design: Łukasz Trzcinski

Shot in July, 2012 in Poland.