SWR TV Channel Makeover


SWR TV Channel Makeover

Timelapse cinematography


in 2014 Feedmee Design worked on the makeover of SWR, a German TV channel. The work included news openers for Landesschau Rheinland-Pfalz and Landesschau Baden-Württemberg extensively based on time lapse cinematography.

The team of Kizny Visuals was contracted for production and postproduction of all timelapse cinematography required for the project. As the news are broadcast at various times of the day it was a requirement to have continuous timelapse footage to credibly cover a matching time of the day.

The shoot included capturing a 2.5 day-long continuous sequences in Mainz and Stuttgart at the resolution of 6K to allow for creative editing and flexible time-remapping of the footage to produce a multitude of required 10-30s clips for the openers.

Although shot from static cameras, due to a very long timespan of the shots and a requirement of having perfectly still frame across entire capture it was one of the more challenging projects we have worked on.


Production company
Feedmee Design Gmbh

Producer & Creative director
Susanne Freiricks


Timelapse Cinematography Director
Patryk Kizny

Timelapse Cinematographer
Mat Zdziebko



Timelapse Processing
Mat Zdziebko

Color Grading
Patryk Kizny