Steel Life


Steel Life

Stop Motion Animation Shortfilm

Steel: calm, cold, solid, rigid and unchanged.
Life: fast, emotional, harmful and responsive.

Have you ever wondered what would the world look like if all objects around got alive?

Discover the world of steel and hardware, driven by music and inspired by humanity.

In Still Life Mat Zdziebko and Patryk Kizny showcase the possibilities of creative stop-motion animation with the use of motion control equipment.

The hardware is animated manually to illustrate the music directly. By breaking down the soundtrack into spectral layers and creating reference registry power graphs, the team was able to animate the hardware in a frame-perfect sync with the music.


Mateusz Zdziebko
Concept, Music, Set Design, Animation, Cinematography & Edit

Patryk Kizny
Set Design, Cinematography, Color Grading

Robert Paluch
Animation assistant

Aga Gonczarek
Animation assistant

Kizny Visuals (formerly LookyCreative)