Motion Graphics & Explainer Videos

Motion Graphics & Explainer Videos

Power Bloom - Brand film

Branding film for Power Bloom. Unique aesthetics has been achieved with master shots and advanced particle simulations.


Pure Storage Flashblade

Athera – A promo film for Foundry, one of the leaders of VFX software industry.

A hardware solution video for high-performance storage offering.

Secureworks - Counter Threat Platform

Secureworks - Network Effect

A set of solution explaining videos for Secureworks – a leader of Information Security Solutions.

Dominode - Regulated Identity Reinvented


Solution video for Dominode – a blockchain identity pioneer.

Blockchain solution video for Swych by Travelex.

Cofense – Anti Phishing Solutions

Cofense is one of the leaders providing anti-phishing solutions and training. To support their rebranding we created a set of 5 cohesive solution explaining videos.

Dell Data Security – Solution Videos

Dell’s portfolio represents the full range of best-in-class solutions addressing data protection, identity assurance, threat protection & response, and endpoint management.