Lifeline / Dancing / Endless

Lifeline / Dancing / Endless

Excerpts from a series of 3 short films created for a video wall installation
at Warsaw Financial Center lobby.

The team of Kizny Visuals was commissioned by WFC Investments to create a series of shorts for a video wall at Warsaw Financial Center. This time, Kizny proposed a series of shorts telling the story of intriguing forms brought to life in the cellars of WFC, slowly surfacing and transforming into a dancer performing in the lobby of the venue after business rush hours.

The series make use of the latest achievements of Kizny Visuals’ team in the realm of fractal visuals and merging them with real environments. Never before were 3D fractal renderings merged onto real-world footage, not to mention animated with motion data coming from a live performer.

The concept assumed showing fractal forms in long and smooth master shots. The team captured back plates as 3-mins long master shots with use of unique steadicam and rollerblades skills of Kizny Visuals’ team member Maciej Tomków.

The content has been originally rendered in 4096 x 3412 resolution matching the requirements of a 50sqm video wall.


WFC Investments Ltd.

Advanced PR

Account Director
Kamil Gołdy

Kizny Visuals


Patryk Kizny

Emilia Zawalińska

Steadicam operator
Maciej Tomków

Aga Gonczarek


Special thanks
Kamil Kołaczyński
Marcin Malewski community