Kizny x Pietromonaco Reel

Kizny x Pietromonaco
Showreel Fall 2019

Kizny x Pietromonaco is a joint venture between film director Anthony Pietromonaco, CG/animation director Patryk Kizny and the team of Kizny Visuals.

What’s better for you and your clients than a well-greased team built around shared sensibilities with a track record of delivering great work for world-class brands?

Over the last few years not only we completed over a dozen of projects together, but also deepened our friendship and professional understanding.

Kizny x Pietromonaco is an ideal team for productions requiring combining live action with CG/VFX. Whether it’s high-end technology, consumer electronics, art or lifestyle.

We’re happy to offer you this gem today and do even greater work for your clients in the future.

Take a look for yourself.