Gateway Computers

Gateway Computers

Gateway is a brand that was well founded and stood strong in the computer market in the 1990s. Gateway branding was very quirky and unusual, tracing its origins to Iowa’s farming tradition and using a cow as a mascot.

Today, acquired by Acer, Gateway is revived and is being given a much more modern brand image, but its playful identity is still preserved.

With production house Company X contracted to produce a full re-launch campaign, Kizny Visuals was tasked with a full CG Product Launch Film along with hundreds of key visuals and CG product stills for general usage across campaigns and e-commerce.

Client: Walmart / ESI / Gateway
Production Company: Company X
Director / Producer: Anthony Pietromonaco

CG: Kizny Visuals
Animation Director: Patryk Kizny
3D Lead: Riley Schmidt
3D Lead: Rafał Droździk