Full Dome Imaging RnD

Full Dome / Omnimax

360° Single Shot 4K/8K Imaging Research

Proof of concept

The footage is a proof of concept from our custom-built camera system for shooting ultra-high resolution motion-controlled timelapse suited for full dome (Omnimax) projections.

The sequences were captured during a rig testing session in Poland in Jan and March, 2012. The weather was not particularly suitable for shooting and time was short, but the results definitely show the quality of 4K/8K resolutions and serve the purpose of showcasing the technology capabilities.

Camera Setup

The camera setup consists of a Hartblei Hcam-B1 Camera and a medium format digital back. As for the lens we used the new Canon 8-15mm which is an outstanding fisheye comparing to anything that was on the market before. The Canon with this back was used at 12 mils, with other backs we plan on using it at around 14-15 mils. Camera setup is motion-controlled using DitoGear OmniSlider Servo.


With this camera setup we’re able to capture equidistance mapping hemispherical timelapse shots of ultra high quality and extreme resolutions ranging from 4K (5400 x 5400 px source) to almost 8K with Leaf Aptus 12 80MP (7500 x 7500 source) suited for most demanding fulldome projects. 

Download 4K Samples and 8K Samples. Get in touch for full resolution dome masters