Random Manifestations of 4th Dimension

A series of 60″-120″ abstract, generative-art non-narrative shortfilms exploring manifestations of 4th dimensional objects in our space. An open and ongoing project started in spring 2015 as a research on integrating generative design structures and 3D fractals with VFX pipeline and filmmaking.

Towards VFX Pipelines

Technical details behind the films.

The world of 3D fractals has a tremendous potential of visual richness, but due to a fact fractals are born of strange mathematics they are very atypical – they can not be described as typical 3D objects consisting of vertices and faces and thus can’t be easily integrated with typical VFX and 3D animation pipelines.

Technical work on this project required developing workflows and software bits for integrating distance-estimated 3D fractals with VFX pipeline. The work builds on the foundation of Syntopia’s Fragmentarium, a GLSL coding environment for exploring 3D fractals, and code bits contributed by fractalforums.com community members.

Out of all packages for fractals visualization, Fragmentarium is the one that suited this kind of work best – making use of fast GPU-based rendering and providing flexible coding environment.

R&D for the project included mastering GLSL shading language, learning coding techniques for distance-estimated fractals and building a toolset for integrating fractal beings with real-world footage. Specific tasks included extending the raytracer to provide better shading tools, adding matte-materials rendering, alpha channel, Z-depth and color tagging layers of image for VFX pipeline integration.

Research & BTS