Starwars Dark Legacy Short Film

Dark Legacy

VFX for an Unofficial Starwars Story

“Written and directed by Anthony Pietromonaco, the surprising Dark Legacy follows the tale of an unwillingly imprisoned Sith apprentice captured by a vicious Sith Master hunting for the student who will reign supreme over him and ascend to greatness.”[Jeff Spry, SYFY Wire]

The team of Kizny Visuals supported the project as a VFX partner. From the emblematic Starwars-style establishing shot, through digital environments and set extensions all the way bringing Jaremy Aiello’s sculptures to a digitally-created world with photogrammetry, we enjoyed working with Anthony Pietromonaco helping him realize his ambitious vision.


Dark Legacy is an unofficial Star Wars short not intended to compete with or discredit any existing or forthcoming material, and is based on the characters created by George Lucas and owned by Disney.