Timelapse Cinematography

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Time Lapse Cinematography

Kizny has been at the forefront of timelapse cinematography (often called time lapse photography) since high-resolution DSLR cameras revolutionized the industry. Strong artistic vision combined with technical excellence brought him reputation for distinct visual style and made one of the world’s most recognized timelapse professionals.


Cinematic timelapse

Even despite current timelapse popularity most of the content lack the cinematic quality of the shots. Smoothness, sophisticated camera movements, attention to details and composition contribute to Kizny’s unique visual style that clearly stands out and holds up on the big screen.

Motion Control

In late 2000’s most of the timelapses were shot from a locked-down camera. Kizny was among the pioneers of motion control for timelapse and his first DIY dolly made use of telescope motors. Shortly after he joined forces with Robert Paluch to create DitoGear – one of today’s leaders in portable motion control equipment. Nowadays while motion-controlled timelapse made it to the main stream, Kizny’s experience and shooting style still stands out from the crowd.

HDR Timelapse

The Chapel (2010) is the first short film to combine motion-controlled timelapses with HDR technique. Gathering an audience of 1M viewers, the film has brought worldwide recognition. While the The Chapel featured highly-processed experimental look, Kizny has been using HDR capture technique long after, very often in a transparent way, so that the effect passes unnoticed while significantly improving image quality.

IMAX-grade Resolutions

Using multiple-camera rigs or medium format ultra-high-res digital camera backs we’re able to deliver timelapses at resolutions allowing for high-definition cinema and even IMAX use. Single captures from a 120MP digital back reveal unprecedented amount of detail. Paired with the team’s postproduction pipelines and experience, Kizny Visuals are a right partner when it comes to shooting quality-critical content for theatre projections.

Fulldome 360° / VR Timelapse

Kizny’s experience with timelapse, multi-camera rigs and custom camera configurations give necessary skill set to shoot for 360° environments – whether meant to be a full-dome projection, VR Content, mapping projects, 360° timelapse for web or quality back plates for CGI compositing, we got it covered. Single-shot captures with customized cameras allow us to shoot up to 8K 360° x 180° coverage while higher resolutions are possible with multi-camera and stitching approach.


s3D Timelapse

Using stereo camera configurations we deliver high-resolution s3D timelapse content. When it comes to shooting nature or environments, modifying IPD parameter brings hyperrealistic effects and can be used to manipulate the perceived image scale. One of the applications of such technique is emphasizing spatial perception of nature scenes.

Impossible camera moves

When it comes to shooting vast natural scenes even the largest motion control rigs fall short. While expensive aerial gear allow for shooting steady live action footage, it is useless for timelapse. Combining timelapse and VFX experience we can render timelapse shots with impossible camera moves – such as a perfectly smooth camera travel across the mountain range of Swiss Alps.


Underwater Timelapse

There’s always room to push boundaries. One of such projects was an effort to shoot underwater motion-controlled timelapse. While we don’t use it very often, it defines the boundaries of what’s possible and feeds the imagination and we stay tuned for using it for your project.


Hyperlapse is one of the most time and labour-intense techniques, but when executed well it delivers large-scale camera movements ideal for shooting architecture and urban scenes. Looking at our portfolio, hyperlapse shots were used for example in WPN TV series where we shot lots of b-roll and 2nd unit work.

Long-term projects

Frequent usage scenarios are construction-site documentation or showing multi-season nature scenes. Long-term projects may include consequent on-location shoots and/or permanent camera installations. While the latter require very specific expertise and are taken care of by our select partners, we are the right company to plan and supervise the project to ensure high-end results. Please note these kinds of projects require significant budgets.

Timelapse Services Scope


Get in touch with us on the project planning level. We’ll help to plan the production, recommend the best technical approach, help budgeting, gathering equipment and scheduling.


Shooting time goes smooth if prepared well-ahead. We’re available world-wide and often deliver the equipment necessary for the shooting.


Postproducing timelapses requires specialized pipelines including software, hardware and know-how. Post is therefore an integral part of our service. As a result, we deliver corrected and pre-rendered sequences that are ready to edit unless we’re in charge for the final.

Consulting & Training

Take advantage of Kizny’s expertise for your company. Individual consulting services, team training for shooting and post or equipment consultations are available.



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