Panoramic & Gigapixel Photography

Panoramic + Gigapixel Photography

Use of motion control devices and robotized photographic equipment enables us to create extreme resolution images. While typical smartphone cameras offer resolution of a few megapixels, professional DSLRs up to 50MP and high-end medium format cameras up to 200MP, gigapixel photography offer resolutions many times higher.

Gigapixel images fall into 2 categories: flat with a limited field of view or panoramic covering up to 360° x 360° field of view. Very often we use also HDR to capture the entire dynamic range of the scenes.


Large Format Prints

Gigapixel images are very often used for extreme size and quality prints. Usage scenarios include outdoor advertising or indoor or exhibition prints.

Web Deployment

Gigapixel images can be deployed to web allowing to zoom into the image revealing more and more details. Panoramic content can be viewed interactively by adjusting viewing direction and zoom.

VFX Applications

High resolution panoramic and very often HDR content is often used by VFX industry as back plates for compositing as well as for 3D visualization environments for lighting.

VR Applications

Growing popularity of Virtual Reality headsets brings frequent usage scenario for quality high-resolution panoramic and s3D 360° content. Specially crafted panoramic images may be used as final product for VR or as environments for 3D scenes.



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