Greenscreen / Compositing

Greenscreen / Retouching / Compositing

Kizny Visuals team provides full set of chroma keying, motion retouching and compositing services, working with shot footage and CGI assets.

Multi-pass effects with motion control

Experience in the realm of motion control enables us to create multi-pass composited shots. Repeating the same camera movement with motion control equipment across various locations allows for creative effects across live-action, timelapse and stop-motion cinematography.

It is possible to deliver shots where background layer has different timing than foreground – for example a real-time walk of a character through timelapsed outdoor scene.

Or you can merge two different locations into one, as shown in “The Magic Door” by Mat Zdziebko created to effectively break down the technique and showcase the power of DitoGear motion control equipment.

The Magic Door - Breakdown

The Magic Door - Full Tutorial

Click anywhere on the image to compare before / after compositing effects.



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