Color Grading

The Art of Color Grading

We’ve been working on DaVinci Resolve, a leading Hollywood’s color correction tool since its infancy. But today, when the tools have become widely available, it’s not the technology that matter.

A fine balance of artistic vision and detail-focused execution. A craft of setting tone and mood. A power of drawing focus and shaping meaning.

We call it The Art of Color Grading – one of secrets making our productions stand out and the reason we’re being approached by fellow production companies to spread color love for them.

Grading of Rebirth – Case Study

Grading of Rebirth was a real challenge. On one hand 6K 32bpp HDR timelapse footage with outstanding amount of quality detail (and data). On the other hand – live action footage obtained at extremely harsh shooting conditions. Partially shot on RED, part on early DSLRs. Very different looks, often clearly lacking visual and technical quality. Bringing everything together, matching it and setting desired tone wasn’t an easy task itself.

Rebirth, as an experimental film contrasts 2 different worlds – CGI imagery including LiDAR data visualizations in entire 1st scene and real-world captures of the amazing temple in 2nd and 3rd scene. The bird’s eye view on the film reveals the general concept – while real-world shots were all brought together in terms of look and were graded shifting them towards slightly mysterious and warm color, they clearly contrast with the all-CGI part of the 1st scene that was rendered and graded to emphasize colder and almost monochromatic tone.

Click anywhere on images to compare before / after grading.



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