The Great timelapse Compendium

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The Great Timelapse Compendium
2010-05-21 Patryk Kizny
The Great Timelapse Compendium is a partially updated (December 2013) version of the tutorials series I posted back in 2010 on LookyCreative website.

My adventure with timelapse cinematography started in 2009. I would never forget when I watched “The Planet Earth” on a huge wall and was thrilled by stunning motion-controlled shots of growing plants or decaying forest on the ground level. Much earlier in the past I of course watched “Kooyanisqatsi”, but that days I did not have skills in digital imaging and wasn’t devoted to visual creation at all. The film was of course mind blowing, but my recpetion was driven by a completely different perspective. After watching “The Planet Earth” I started wondering how did they shot all this and started digging through the Internet. I was completely blown away and got into timelapse seriously. Today, after mastering many aspects of shooting timelapse I decided to share my skills and help to popularize the subject.

The Great Timelapse Compendium

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Basic skills

Chapter 3: Complete timelapse post-production workflow

More to come!

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