Thinking bigger, seeing farther, making impact!

Audacious leaders come here for strategic support to hone their vision, grow their firms, and launch their futures.

The Agenda

Whether the need is to redefine client relationships, streamline operations, or leverage organization strengths, together we create a plan for success. I challenge and guide you towards a clear, congruent path to keep your business ahead of the curve.
In a world where attention is fleeting, algorithms are the governance, and AI is shaking everything, I help you develop resonant messaging to connect with your audience and stay relevant.
From vision, through strategy to hands-on execution, I support leaders in launching ideas and venturing into new markets through a close, personal partnership.
Navigate disruptions
With the pace of change accelerating, from AI to global challenges, I provide strategic foresight to help you turn external shifts and disruptions into opportunities, ensuring your business is resilient and ready for the future.
Build a future
Entrepreneurship is demanding, but focusing solely on the immediate can hinder your future. By prioritizing what truly matters, you'll not just roll on today, but thrive in the years to come. Futurecrafting™, visioneering and brand building are akin. 

The Expertise

The Creative Sector
Launched post-dot-com bubble, my first firm, Misme, gained accolades for pioneering interactive websites and brand designs featured in iconic books of that era.
Over two decades, I've led firms in branding, marketing, design, film
and CGI & VFX, learning that in the creative sector, "client-winning" far outweighs "award-winning".

From this foundation, I provide strategic advisory, growth and brand
building to both emerging and established firms in the creative sector
Technology, Space & Deep Tech
My expertise is centered around a core theme: bridging tech innovation with its users.
From co-founding tech companies like DitoGear, kickstarting deep-tech moonshots like PowerBloom, to revitalizing brands like VAIO and Gateway with Microsoft and Intel, I learned that technology does not speak for itself. 
Supporting launches for major players like Huawei and Alibaba, required consistently bridging the gap between technology and people.
Core Philosophy
At the heart of my approach is a commitment to envisioning, leading, and future-proofing B2B brands, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive.

The Outcomes

Clarity, Vision & Confidence
My advisory work revolves around empowering leaders with clarity, vision and momentum to confidently pursue big goals, often beyond their initial aspirations.
Operational efficiency
Well-greased tools do more and last longer. And so do well-greased teams and processes. Nothing beats the feeling of seing your firm run smoothly, going where you dare to guide it.
Successful launches
It's not just about the thrill of getting it done and seeing it work. Each new launch is a leap for your firm. A new vantage point, opening a new vista for the next challenge.
Market resilience
The virtuous cycle of change and re-invention never stops. But when you acquire tools and approaches to master the change, market resilience appears. With it — your peace of mind.
Brand heritage
When you start, a brand is an aspiration. When you grow, it turns into a powertool. When you exit, brand becomes a heritage, measured in pride and market value.

The fast thinker.
The blunt trailblazer.

I'm Patrick. A rare breed, bringing fast thinking, the big picture and bold moves, rooted in a cross-discipline perspective, Great design? It's a given. 

To bravely reach the futures, one have to be grounded in the past. I find it in sacred architecture, and in a flair of playing vintage saxophones. And you?

The Futurecrafting™ Insights

Insights into leading, building, and evolving B2B brands in the tech and creative industry.