Kizny Visuals New

Creative imaging & VFX studio led by Patryk Kizny fusing strong artistic vision with emerging technologies to deliver visuals that stand out.


Motion Control

Particle Simulations

HDR Imaging

Stop Motion Animation

Color Grading

Digital Illustration

Generative Imaging

Panoramic + Gigapixel Photography

Timelapse Cinematography



LiDAR Data Visualization

Lightpainting & Holographiums


Curiosity and challenges of new projects make playground for daily experimentation.
The result? A unique blend of techniques and aesthetics. The byproduct? Experience in innovation.

Stills Production


General Cinematography

General Post & VFX

  • Editing & Compositing
  • Color Grading
  • Matchmoving
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • CGI Environments

Featured Projects

The Studio

Creative minds need space to breath. We’ve settled in a loft-style refurbished tenement located in the heart of Wrocław, Poland where time stops and coffee tastes best. The studio shelters all our post/vfx activities and hosts in-house photography and smaller media productions.

Around? Make sure to drop for a cup of coffee.


Let’s talk!

Whether you’re looking for crazy-innovative VFX stuff, simple animation or just wanted to squeeze some juice out of our brains we’re here to talk.

Selected brands we served


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