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Being a reliable partner for our clients is our priority. That’s why we keep our core competences in-house. Not more than a dozen of people under one roof allows us to remain agile, but strong enough to handle complex projects.


Innovative spirit and interest for emerging technologies is deep-rooted in our culture. As today’s innovation often becomes reality of tomorrow, our focus shifts and skills broaden. We never stop experimenting on independent projects and apply novel techniques to commercial work.


2010 brought us wide recognition for pioneering the field of timelapse, HDR and motion control. Since that time we continue exploration of new techniques. Our latest research includes using LiDAR data visualization in film or fractal visuals for VFX.

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Patryk Kizny
Head of studio
+48 693 569 233

For Director’s work visit

Kizny Visuals
Powstańców Śl 142/5,
53315 Wrocław, Poland
VAT# PL8971680361


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